Understanding Ankle Surgery in Southlake

Xray of ankle

If you are preparing for ankle surgery in Southlake, you no doubt want to have as clear an idea as possible of what to expect after the procedure is complete. Here is some information that will give you a picture of why ankle surgery may be necessary and how long it typically takes to recover.

Why Ankle Surgery Is Needed

The most common reason that ankle surgery in Southlake will be needed is due to a fracture of some sort. Fractures take place when the malleoli, or ends of the fibula and tibia, are broken. This can be due to a fall, a car accident, a severe twisting of the joint, or many other reasons.

But just because you have a fracture that does not necessarily mean you need surgery. If the ankle joint is still stable despite the injury, you may simply need to keep it immobilized with a cast or brace for a certain period of time. However, if the fracture has displaced a bone or left the joint unstable, a surgical procedure will be needed.

How It Is Done

The type of ankle surgery in Southlake needed will depend on the severity of the injury. In general, though, any breaks are repositioned and held in place with screws or some other type of implant. Then, once the repair is complete, the leg will be put in a cast. Most patients go home the same day but some may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

Ankle Surgery Recovery

You can expect your ankle to be immobilized for a certain amount of time – typically a few weeks – as the wound and bones heal. You may be fitted for either a cast or a boot that can be removed to allow for washing, checking the wound and applying ice if needed. Once your doctor gives you the OK, you will gradually be able to put some weight on the joint as you are weaned from the boot or cast. Everyone recovers from this procedure at a different pace – some may be able to return to full activity after a few months, while it could take as long as a year for others.

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