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Your shoulder is made up of three bones; the collarbone, the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone. It is the most moveable part of your body, and thus the most susceptible to shoulder pain and injury. Interestingly, the ball of the upper arm is larger than the shoulder socket that houses it. Muscles, tendons and ligaments anchor the ball in the socket, keeping it stable. Any impact to any of these muscles, ligaments and tendons can result in a shoulder injury. Our orthopedic doctor at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics has a vast amount of experience in treating shoulder pain and injury.
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Causes of Shoulder Pain

Because it is primarily a ball-and-socket joint with a great range of motion, the shoulder joint is quite susceptible to injury. Our orthopedic doctors can properly diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain. Typical reasons that patients may feel shoulder pain usually fall into the following four categories:

  • Inflammation in the Shoulder
  • Shoulder Instability
  • Arthritic Shoulder
  • Shoulder Fracture

Depending on the type of activity or joint trauma that caused the shoulder injury, and the severity of shoulder pain, our orthopedic doctor may use an X-ray, MRI or CT scan to diagnose the injury.

Shoulder Injuries

The orthopedic doctors at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics are highly experienced in surgically treating shoulder injuries and a full range of painful shoulder disorders. Many of the shoulder injuries we see at our Southlake clinic include:

Arthritic Shoulder




Shoulder Separation

Frozen Shoulder

Other Conditions We Treat

The orthopedic surgeons at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics are a team of the area’s top specialists treating a wide variety of orthopedic-related injuries at clinics in Southlake, TX. Our medical group also offers comprehensive orthopedic care for conditions affecting your:

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