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Back Surgery in Southlake

Back pain is very common. Whether through wear and tear, aging, or impact trauma, damage to any part of the back can put pressure on the nerves in your spine resulting in back pain. Most back pain injuries can be treated with conservative non-surgical methods. When these conservative treatments are not working, then back surgery may be recommended by our Southlake orthopedic spine surgeon.
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When a herniated disc presses against the nerve root in your spine, back pain will ensue, and the part of the disc that is pressing against the nerve needs to be removed. A microdiscectomy back surgery uses a special microscope to view the disc and the nerves. During this procedure, our orthopedic spine specialist will surgically remove the portion of the herniated disc that is pressing against the nerve.


A laminectomy is a back surgery procedure to enlarge the spinal canal and relieve nerve pressure caused by conditions like spinal stenosis. By removing the bone overlying the spinal canal, our orthopedic spine specialist can potentially release the pressure on the nerve and thus minimize or remove back pain completely.


Joint replacement surgery is a technique to replace or reconstruct a diseased disc using an artificial device. While primarily used for degenerative disc disease, this still remains the gold standard for surgical care and back pain restoration.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is a surgery that permanently connects two or more bones in your spine. The expected result behind this procedure is to fuse together the two painful vertebrae together so that they heal into one solid bone. Spinal fusion may help relieve back pain from conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spine fractures, scoliosis and spinal stenosis.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

In most cases, minimally invasive spine surgery might be the best option for back surgery. However, our orthopedic spine surgeon will need to perform a thorough examination and a proper medical history review to determine if you are a candidate for this type of surgery.

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