Signs You May Need Back Surgery

Male in a back pain

There are several non-surgical options to treat many different kinds of back problems, but there are times where back surgery will be the best alternative. Here are some of the signs that you could greatly benefit from a surgical procedure.


If you have a fracture, there is a chance it could heal on its own over time. However, if there is a risk of the fracture causing permanent damage or it is not healing properly, then back surgery may be needed. A procedure will definitely be required if it has caused fragments of bone to split off that could damage other tissue or organs.

Degenerative Diseases

Degenerative disc disease can sometimes be treated through physical therapy, but that can be a short-term fix. Eventually, your doctor will likely recommend back surgery to eliminate your pain. Procedures typically involve the repair or replacement of a disc.

Compressed Nerves

If a nerve becomes pinched or compressed, that can lead to some serious problems that can affect your quality of life. You may experience severe weakness or numbness that could eventually make even simple, everyday tasks seem nearly impossible. Physical therapy can help, but surgery is often needed in especially serious instances. For example, if a nerve is compressed to the point that you are suffering severe pain or a disability, back surgery may be needed.

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