Symptoms of Cervical Disc Damage

anatomy image of spine

Cervical disc damage can occur for many reasons, such as an injury that involves twisting of the neck, a fall, or the normal wear and tear associated with aging. Here are some of the typical symptoms of the condition, as well as treatment options.


Many people who suffer from cervical disc damage feel like they have a stiff neck, while others experience weakness, tingling, or numbness in the shoulders, arms, or neck. This is due to pinching or irritation of the nerves in the cervical area. If you have a pinched nerve root, for example, you may have a lack of sensation in the fingertips or weakness in the forearms and triceps. Cervical disc damage to due wear and tear, or degeneration, could lead to spinal stenosis. This condition will require medical treatment that could involve surgery.


At Advanced Spine & Orthopedics, our doctors will always pursue the most conservative treatment options first for cervical disc damage. For instance, we may first recommend ice or heat treatment as well as prescription medications to help control inflammation and pain. In more severe cases, we may prescribe muscle relaxants, narcotic pain medications, or oral steroids.

Exercise can also be effective, especially those that involve gentle stretching of the neck muscles. We may recommend physical therapy to provide you with a specific set of exercises to help ease your discomfort. In some cases, chiropractic adjustment can bring relief as well.

However, if conservative treatment methods do not work, a surgical procedure such as cervical disc replacement may be needed.

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