Reducing ACL Injury Risk in Youth Football

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Youth football is getting underway in many areas of the country, and with it comes the risk that a young player will suffer a potentially devastating ACL injury. Here are some things you and your child can do to reduce the chances this injury will occur.

Improved Techniques

Although an ACL injury is still extremely serious, of course, advances in surgical techniques have brought about significant improvements over the last few years. This type of surgery used to leave patients with a huge scar over the top of the knee, but technology has improved to the point that minimally invasive procedures are now available. These not only improve outcomes, they also greatly reduce recovery time.

Lowering the Chances of an ACL Injury

While there is no sure-fire way to prevent an ACL injury, there are some ways to lower the chances of this happening. Young players need to be taught proper mechanics when playing the game, meaning they need to know how to jump, lunge, squat and land on their feet without risking a knee collapse. They may not need to show perfect form every time, but they must be taught how to move properly on the field. One of the most important ways a player can protect the ACL is by building up strength in the quadriceps muscles.

No athlete should play his or her sport year-round, whether he or she is an amateur or a professional. Many injuries are simply due to the wear and tear that occurs from doing too much. Getting enough rest and sleep, as well as getting proper nutrition, are key to helping prevent injuries from occurring.

Unfortunately, even though these tips should help reduce the chance of a player incurring an ACL injury, they cannot guarantee this type of injury will not occur. If your child gets hurt on the football field, the experts with Advanced Spine and Orthopedics can help get your young player back on the field as quickly as possible. Contact us online or call 817-310-8783 to learn more or schedule an appointment.