Knee Bursitis – Symptoms and Treatments

man holding his knee

Many people experience knee bursitis, a painful condition caused by inflammation of one of the 11 bursa sacs located near the joint. These sacs provide cushioning and reduce friction inside the knee, but when they are inflamed they can significantly decrease the quality of life. Here are some of the more common symptoms of this problem as well as treatments.


The symptoms of knee bursitis can vary widely, depending on the cause of the inflammation and which bursa sac has been affected. In most instances, however, there will be a feeling of tenderness and warmth in the affected area, and also some swelling. If you have swelling and pain in the knee as well as a fever, you need to see a doctor as soon as you can.

Many people experience pain, not only when they are active but also when they are resting. Bursitis typically develops due to some sort of repetitive injury, such as if you are hurt and you work a job that requires you to kneel a lot. Symptoms will usually begin gradually and then progressively get worse.


Thankfully, there are several ways of treating knee bursitis. The treatment method your doctor will recommend will largely depend on the area of your knee that is inflamed. If the cause is an infection, then you may only need antibiotics. If you are in pain, then your doctor may want to you see a physical therapist to help not only bring relief but also lower the risk of a recurrence.

However, if these options prove ineffective, then you may need a corticosteroid injection or aspiration, a procedure that removes excess fluid from the affected sac. In severe cases, the sac may need to be removed surgically.

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