Do You Have a Labral Tear of the Shoulder?

Shoulder pain

A labral tear of the shoulder can be caused by an injury or can simply occur due to the aging process. Here are some ways to tell if your shoulder discomfort is due to a tear you may have suffered.

What Is the Labrum?

The labrum is the point where the biceps tendon connects to the shoulder. A labral tear of the shoulder can occur in the upper part of the labrum due to repeated overhand motions, such as throwing a baseball or playing tennis. Other causes include falling on your shoulder or trying to lift heavy objects suddenly or repeatedly. A Bankart tear occurs in the lower portion of the labrum when a shoulder dislocation occurs. As the shoulder pops out of joint, the labrum is torn. In rare instances, a posterior labral tear occurs. This is also known as internal impingement, and takes place when the labrum and rotator cuff are pinched together.

Symptoms of a Labral Tear of the Shoulder

The symptoms of a labral tear of the shoulder will vary depending on location of the tear. You may experience shoulder instability or weakness, constant aching, or the shoulder may “pop” or catch when you move it. You may be going through pain when you perform a specific activity, such as throwing a ball or simply reaching over your head with your arm. Sometimes, however, there is no pain associated with this injury at all.

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