Do You Need Back Surgery?

Spine Specialists Offer Surgical Treatments

Although there are many non-surgical solutions available these days for spine problems, spine surgery is often the best way to get results. For patients in the Southlake area who are experiencing neck pain, back pain, disability, or limited range of motion due to a spinal injury or degenerative disc condition, it’s important to explore all possible options to achieve relief. Only a trained medical professional can diagnose and offer treatment for spinal problems. The expert spine team at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics in Southlake often the typical scenarios below when counseling patients about spine surgery:

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If a tumor has been found on or around your spinal column, surgery is typically the preferred method of treatment. Whether benign or malignant, spinal tumors can lead to a variety of problems, including severe back pain and interruption of the central nervous system. Other possible treatment options may include radiation therapy or chemotherapy, but these options can take a long time to show beneficial results. As a result, surgery is often recommended for tumor removal.


Spinal fractures may heal on their own in time, but if they don’t, or if there is a risk of the fracture getting worse, spine surgery may be considered. Likewise, if a fracture causes bone fragments to split off and damage nearby organs or tissue, surgery could be helpful as a treatment. A spine surgeon may be able to fuse vertebrae and remove fragmented bone, leading to pain relief and greater range of motion.

Degenerative Disc Disease

In cases of degenerative disc disease, physical therapy may be a short-term solution, but in time, surgery is often recommended in order to relieve pain. Degenerative disc disease surgery typically involves replacing or repairing a disc that has been affected by the condition, and many times, the bones will grow together to form a cohesive unit.

Nerve Compression

Once a nerve becomes compressed or pinched, it can lead to all kinds of problems in the spine and around the body, including numbness and weakness. Compressed nerves are often the result of physical injury, and while physical therapy is recommended as a conservative approach to healing, surgery is sometimes required in order to alleviate symptoms. This may be the case when a compressed nerve is causing the affected individual to experience disability or severe pain.

Learn About Your Treatment Options

If you’ve been affected by a spinal injury or condition and you would like to learn about your treatment options, including surgical options, contact Advanced Spine & Orthopedics. At Advanced Spine & Orthopedics, patients receive expert care from orthopedic specialists who provide a full evaluation using advanced imaging technology. From there, patients are offered all available options for treatment so that they can make the best choices for their individual case.

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