Cervical Disc Replacement With the Mobi-C Device

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When it comes to cervical disc replacement, there are few options available, but for the best results, the Mobi-C device for cervical disc replacement is becoming increasingly popular.

What Is a Mobi-C Device?

The Mobi-C Device is an FDA-approved treatment that is used to replace a damaged cervical disc. The treatment was first used in 2004. The device is intricately designed to duplicate the natural cervical disc and ensures better neck movement.

The device consists of a pair of metal plates with an insert in between. The insert is made up of medical-grade polyethylene. To understand the levels of motion of the device, it is important to understand how each part moves.

The upper metal plate can rotate over the insert which is in the shape of a dome. The insert is snugly held between the plates and it can slide in all directions within the gap. The bottom plate holds the whole setup in place. There are two tabs provided over the bottom plate. These tabs help keep the central insert from sliding off.

Like the natural neck movement, the disc allows movement from left to right as well as from front to back. There is a 10° rotation provided for both sides. Anyone who is in good general health and anyone who doesn’t have any known allergies to the metal components used in the disc will make good candidates for the procedure.

There have been stringent tests performed to check the efficiency and the life expectancy of the Moci-C devices. The results are spectacular and these results can help you feel more confident in opting for the Mobi-C device for cervical disc replacement.

The tests were performed to analyze the rotation of the device – neck turns from left to right, side bends, and flex extensions – bending from front to back. There were no issues observed in the disc. There was no damage done either to the disc itself or to the surrounding tissues. There were hardly any mechanical or bio-mechanical issues observed after the tests.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

To begin the procedure, your surgeon will administer a type of anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the treatment. A small incision is made in the neck area and then a tunnel is created to reach the spine. Fluoroscopy is performed to analyze the damage to the disc. The damaged discs are then extracted. The Mobi-C device is then put in place of the damaged disc.

What to Expect After a Disc Replacement With Mobi-C?

After the disk replacement, you might be hospitalized for about a day or two after the surgery. To ease any discomfort and to move the neck easily, your surgeon may give you a collar to be worn for a few days while you are recovering. The bandage on the incision area will be left for a few days and then replaced. This will help prevent infections in the area.

Pain killers might be prescribed for the first few days. Follow-up sessions might be required. These are mainly to ensure that the device is in place. There might be an X-ray taken in the neck area to check on the disc.

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