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Back Pain and Spine Care Procedures

Back painThe most common spine-related complaints are low back pain and neck pain. Most Americans experience some form of back pain at least once in their lifetime, and it can be debilitating. In particular, back pain is complex to diagnose and treat, because it can manifest as sudden or chronic, constant or intermittent, localized or radiating throughout the back. This type of spine pain can also be a dull ache or sharp stab of pain.

Spine Care by Leading Orthopedic Surgeon

While different in its scope, there is most often a single cause that can be determined with a proper examination from an orthopedic spine surgeon like Dr. Kevin James of Advanced Spine & Orthopedics in Southlake, TX.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by muscle, ligament nerve or spine injuries. It can also be caused by normal wear and tear, aging, poor posture and degenerative disease such as arthritis. Often times, these causes of back pain can lead to ongoing spinal disorders. Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Kevin James treats many spine disorders, some of which include:

Spine Surgeon Treating Back Pain in Southlake Area

Typically, a small percentage of those experiencing back pain require surgery. Dr James and the team at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics will pursue conservative, non-surgical treatment options first. However, for certain types of spine and nerve conditions, or if non-surgical options have failed, spine surgery may be recommended.

Our board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon uses the most advanced back surgery techniques to treat the injury. Some of the surgical techniques include:

Other Conditions We Treat

The orthopedic surgeons at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics are also experts in treating other orthopedic injury-related conditions. Our team provides comprehensive orthopedic care for pain in the:

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Consultation

Our orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Kevin James, is currently seeing new patients for back pain. You can schedule a consultation at his Southlake office at 817-310-8783 or you can also use our convenient “Contact Us” form.

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