Avoiding Back Pain: All About Knowing Your Spine

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Effective Back Treatment in Southlake

When you think of your spine, you probably only think of it as being your backbone, the thing that gives you the ability to sit and stand straight. The fact is, however, that the spine serves a variety of important functions in the body, and many of them are overlooked every single day. The spine care team at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics ;never downplay the importance of spine care, because their primary goal is to help Southlake back pain patients eliminate lower back pain. Below are just some of the many reasons why the spine is essential to your health and well-being:

Spinal Cord Connections

In order to tie your central nervous system together, you need a trunk that connects all of your nerves to the brain, and in order to protect such a system, you need your spine. The flexible spine serves as a barrier for the spinal cord that protects it from physical injury and strain. Without the spine, the spinal cord would be shifting, potentially causing damage, misfiring electrical signals to and from the brain, or worse.

Supporting Internal Organs

As mentioned, the spine is important in providing for good posture, but this posture is also vital to your body’s internal organs. Without the support of the spine, the abdomen would simply fold in on itself, leading to extreme and enduring pressure being placed upon your internal organs. This can lead to ruptures, organ failure, and more. Also, you would likely experience muscle atrophy and cell death without a spine, because your abdominal area would have no way to and strengthen back, stomach, chest, and other muscles.

Physical Coordination

The spine also allows for coordination throughout the entire body. Without the spine, the spinal cord would be unprotected and pushed up against muscles and bones in the neck and back, creating different degrees of neck pain & and/or back pain. Thus, this leads to an array of faulty electrical signals, making coordination of the body virtually impossible. In addition, the spine provides flexibility and strength for the back, allowing all muscles in the body to give and flex with one another, ultimately leading to the ability to move properly and with coordination.

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