Why Spinal Stenosis Is So Serious

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Spinal stenosis is a condition that results in the narrowing of the spinal column, often accompanied by painful, debilitating compression of the spinal cord as well as nerve roots. For some people, the pain can be so severe it is incapacitating, making even everyday activities nearly impossible. Here is why you need to get proper medical treatment as soon as possible if you suspect you have this problem.

Symptoms of Severe Spinal Stenosis

When spinal stenosis progresses to the severe stage, that means there has been a substantial narrowing of the spinal canal. This can occur due to several different factors but is most commonly caused by degeneration of the discs, vertebrae, and spinal ligaments. As we age, the spinal column can lose its structural integrity and put a great deal of pressure on the nerves. This can lead to excruciating pain that can substantially affect a person’s quality of life.

Treatments for Spinal Stenosis

If spinal stenosis is diagnosed early enough, a patient may be able to benefit from conservative treatments such as physical therapy and rest. If the problem is more advanced, then pain medications and steroid injections may be used. However, in advanced cases, a doctor may recommend surgery.

Traditional, open surgery typically involves a 5- or 6-inch incision through soft tissues in the back or neck. It may entail the removal of any bone or tissue that may be compressing spinal nerves, or it may involve a procedure designed to enlarge the spinal canal. Some people, however, may be candidates for a minimally invasive procedure that results in far less pain and much faster recovery time.

If you are showing the signs of spinal stenosis, the time is now to address the problem so you can avoid long-term consequences. A Southlake orthopedic surgeon with Advanced Spine & Orthopedics will perform a thorough examination and clearly explain all of your treatment options. Contact us online or call 817-310-8783 to schedule an appointment.