Trying to Improve Your Posture? Remember These 3 Key Tips


In today’s technology-driven age, we are constantly hunching over our laptops, mobile phones, and tech gadgets. But what we don’t realize is that not maintaining good posture can lead to a plethora of physical issues from neck pain to chronic joint ailments later on in life.

Why Is Good Posture Essential?

When our body isn’t aligned properly, our balance is adversely affected. Did you know that a weak posture can cause a painful misalignment in your joints?

Research conducted has proved that people with poor posture are more at risk of developing pulmonary and cardiovascular issues. Furthermore, as we get older, weak posture can also cause difficulty walking and may even be a contributing factor in falls, especially experienced by the elderly.

You may have grown accustomed to poor posture, but you can rectify it in a couple of weeks by following through with these three simple steps.

Enhancing Your Balance

In order to train your muscles to enhance your balance, here is a simple exercise that will help you achieve better muscle control. Stand in a doorway or even near a wall and raise one leg allowing your knee to be bent so that your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Now stay in that pose for 20 seconds. You shouldn’t move your arms or have to twist your body to maintain your balance. In case you find it difficult holding your position, then reach out to the doorway or the wall for support.

After 20 seconds, repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Gradually over a few days, you will be able to hold the position without any help. The objective of balancing on just one leg is to bring about better balance and even more control over your muscles.

Improving Your Alignment

The small muscles in your core help with good posture. So with this exercise, you will be able to train those small muscles to deliver better body alignment. Place your heels against a wall. Take a step forward, about the length of your foot. Next, carefully lean back till your back and buttocks touch the wall.

Now slowly place your head back as well, all the while keeping it level until it makes contact with the wall. If you had to tilt your chin upwards to get your head against the wall, then it isn’t good posture. So keep your head level and push it as far back as it will go. Stay in that position for 20 seconds. Over time, as your alignment improves, you will be able to touch your head against the wall while keeping your head level.

Better Alignment While You Move

The objective of this exercise is to get those unused muscle fibers to work. Sit on a large balance ball with your knees placed at a 90-degree angle. Sit straight and using only your pelvic region, move the ball in circles.

Your head, torso, and knees should stay still. Slowly and steadily make three circles to the right and then three to the left. Initially, you will find it difficult but with time, you will be able to control the ball using just your pelvis.

In a couple of weeks, if you follow through carefully with each exercise, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your posture. In addition to you standing and sitting up straighter, you will also walk better and taller as well.

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