Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Learn Good Habits to Protect Against Back Injury

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Summer seems to bring out the inner athlete in all of us. But, for those who didn’t undergo ;fitness frequently during the winter, outdoor activities can take its toll on one’s back without proper consideration and preparation. Whether you’re gardening, hitting the trails for a scenic hike, or going on vacation, add these tips into your daily routine to better ensure spine safety that will last through summer, fall, winter and into spring.

Start Slow

With the sun shining bright and the outdoors looking better than ever, it’s common for people to jump into strenuous activities after being sedentary for months beforehand. Furthermore, being cooped up in an office five days a week can cause people to rush out and take part in every outdoor activity during the weekend.

Don’t fall into this habit. Instead, start slowly by exercising at least 30 minutes each day. Doing so will build your core muscles and warm your body up for the various activities you wish to perform. If you haven’t gardened all year, start on a small, 30-minute task, and work your way into a few-hour session over the fall or spring planting seasons.

Take Breaks

While you may “feel fine” at the time of your activity, back pain from putting too much strain on your body is likely to set in hours later. Save yourself from the agony by taking breaks to stretch and relax. Whether you’re playing volleyball, golf, or another outdoor sport, take breaks to drink water and socialize.

If you’re going on vacation, use bathroom breaks as a chance to stretch more than your legs. Your back is likely to cramp up from being stuck in the same position in the car for so long. Simple stretches and bends can help relieve strain on your spine and its surrounding muscles.

Safety/Comfort First

As mentioned before, one of the most important safety measures is to get your body warmed up by exercising a little every day. However, there are other tactics to ensure a pain-free back.

  • Drink plenty of water. Not only will water keep you from growing dehydrated and tired during your outdoor fun, but it will also replenish the fluid in your spinal discs. Your spinal discs act as fluid-filled cushions between the vertebrae, but can become problematic if you are to become too dehydrated, causing the disc to shrink.
  • While slip-on flats and flip flops are common footwear during summer and fall, it’s best to skip the flimsy rubber sandals. Instead, choose a pair of shoes that provides cushioning and support for your body. The perfect shoe should stabilize your foot by supporting your heel and providing arch support.

Have a wonderful season, and keep these tips in mind to better enjoy the outdoors with a lower risk of back pain.

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