Non-surgical Herniated Disc Treatments


Conservative Treatments Your Spine Surgeon May Suggest for a Herniated Disc

If you have a herniated disc, your doctor will discuss with you several ways to treat the problem. These could include using anti-inflammatory medicines to help reduce pain as well as other options. A Southlake spine surgeon will clearly map out the treatment plan that will be best for you. We will always opt for the most conservative option possible before recommending any sort of surgical procedure.

Non-Surgical Options

There are several treatment alternatives that do not require surgery. Here are some of the more common ones.

Exercise/Physical Therapy – Your spine surgeon in Southlake may recommend certain exercises to reduce your pain. Ultrasound and a combination of heat and ice therapies can be extremely effective in reducing muscle spasms and discomfort.

Medications – It may be necessary to prescribe painkillers in addition to the anti-inflammatory medicines mentioned above. You may be prescribed muscle relaxants if you’re experiencing nerve pain and having difficulty sleeping.

Injections – In some instances, an epidural steroid injection may be needed in order to reduce severe inflammation. You may also need to start a rehabilitation program in order to further reduce symptoms.

If these or other treatments don’t work, then you may need a surgical procedure such as a microdiscectomy. This involves the use of a microscope in order to view the nerves as well as the affected disc, and the removal of the part of the disc that has become herniated.

Of course, your Southlake spinal surgeon with Advanced Spine & Orthopedics will carefully examine you and your medical history before determining any sort of treatment plan. If you are in Southlake, Keller or anywhere else in the area and you’re suffering from a herniated disc, please get in touch with us as soon as you can by calling 817-310-8783 or contacting us online.