Do You Suffer From Arthritic Shoulder?

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There was a time when arthritis was associated with old age. With poor lifestyle habits and diet, aging can occur at a much faster rate. Arthritis is caused by the degeneration of the joints leading to joint paints and inflamed joints. There are millions of people suffering from some form of arthritis. Among the many types of arthritis, the arthritis of the shoulder might be less common but it should be identified and treated at an early stage to ensure a speedy recovery.

The shoulder is one of the most used joints and it is essential to get shoulder arthritis diagnosed as early as possible to avoid any permanent complications. Here are a few common causes that might result in shoulder arthritis:

  • In those that have suffered from fractures or dislocations of the shoulder bone, there is a high risk of avascular necrosis. And this, in turn, might lead to the death of the shoulder bone cells as the blood flow is restricted.
  • If you have noticed stiffness in your shoulder, pain in both the sides or even the feeling of tenderness in the joints then it could be a possible indication of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune issue. This is one of the most common types of arthritis and can, in the long run, cause the bone to erode.
  • For those who have suffered an injury in the rotator cuff, the tendons surrounding it might tear. And this might lead to inflammation, pain, and weakness in the muscles and joints.

No matter what the cause is, there are treatments now available to tackle arthritis. The treatments aim at alleviating the pain and discomfort caused while also addressing the issue from within. So, the inflammation observed would slowly start reducing and the normal shoulder movements would soon become more comfortable.

What Should be Done for Shoulder Arthritis?

Everyone who works at a workstation for hours in a job that requires long hours of remaining seated in one place might suffer from shoulder pains. Shoulder pains could be caused not just by straining the joints or lifting heavy weights, but also due to bad posture. Arthritis might start out as any normal joint pain, but any type of pain in the joints, a persistent one or one that worsens gradually, should never be ignored. A physical examination by a doctor is often enough to identify the possibility of arthritis.

To avoid any doubts, x-rays might be taken as well. Irrespective of the cause, there might be slight to intense pain in the joints and the shoulder bones, tenderness of the muscles in the surrounding areas, and inflammation in some cases. The severity of the symptoms might vary from one person to another.

The problem is that if you have arthritis and if you continue using your shoulders without treating the condition, then the situation might worsen leading to the weakening of the bones or cause an erosion of the joints and bones.

To begin, patients suffering from arthritis would need sufficient rest. Physiotherapy might be recommended and activities that involve straining the shoulder might have to be avoided. Pain relieving medications are also available.

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