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Ankle Surgery

Orthopedic ankle surgeryBecause the ankle’s function is to bear your body weight during movement, it is exceptionally prone to injury. Ankle pain could indicate that the ankle has a serious injury that needs to be examined by an ankle specialist. Our orthopedic ankle surgeon with Advanced Spine & Orthopedics has the training and experience to properly diagnose and treat the ankle injury. If surgery is needed, our ankle surgeon is up to date with the latest surgical techniques, including arthroscopic ankle surgery.

Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Arthroscopic ankle surgery is one of the most common surgical techniques used to treat an ankle injury. It is used on a wide range of ankle repair procedures. A small camera at the end of a fiber optic cable is inserted in the ankle area, allowing our orthopedic ankle surgeon to see and treat the area without making a large incision.

Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

If you have ankle instability, then ankle ligament reconstruction surgery is the most common one used to be performed to reconnect the loose or torn ligament. Our orthopedic ankle surgeon will need to properly access the injury to determine the best sequence for this surgery.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

Most broken ankles simply require the ankle to be set in a cast or walking boot to allow it to properly heal. However, in severe cases, ankle surgery may be required. Surgery is used to insert screws and/or plates to properly restore the ankle alignment and allow it to heal correctly.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Our doctors are currently seeing new patients. To make an appointment with our orthopedic ankle surgeon, please use the online contact form, or call our Advanced Spine & Orthopedic scheduling team in Southlake at 817-310-8783.