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Cervical Disc Damage

Cervical Spine Injury DallasSo many things in life can literally be a “pain in the neck” – stress, fatigue, figuring out your taxes, long drives, sitting too long at your computer screen, vigorous exercise, playing sports, or even sleeping in a bed that’s too hard or too soft. Most neck pain is muscular in nature, so it’s a temporary discomfort.

Neck pain due to more serious issues, however, may mean you have a disease that’s affecting your cervical spine. Trauma may also have caused physical damage to individual vertebra or the padding between them (cervical discs).

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Disc Repair Options

The orthopedic spine surgeon at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics, Dr. Kevin James, has the experience and advanced training to diagnose and treat all types of neck pain. He studies the most up-to-date medical techniques and technology as they are proven safe and effective.

For example, one of the latest innovations approved for treating cervical disc problems is the Mobi-C™ device used in cervical disc replacement surgery. For those individual patients whose condition indicates the need, this technology offers many benefits.

The Mobi-C device is the first and only cervical disc approved to treat more than one level of the spine, giving patients the ability to flex, bend, extend and move in a natural way, as shown in the video below. Compared to the alternative of fusing the discs in place, the use of this device spares the bone, allows simplified less invasive surgery, improves outcomes, and shortens recovery time (according to clinical trial results).

“Care And Service Was Legendary!”

5 Star Rating

Dr. James is an extremely skilled surgeon. He has performed two surgeries on me; an acdf cervical fusion of two levels in my neck and a lumbar 360, two level fusion. I have no pain in my neck and recovering extremely well in my lumbar. My lumbar surgery was not too long ago and I’m in therapy doing extremely well. My spine is pain free from both surgeries and muscles are catching up! I am very blessed to have this extraordinary, wonderful, concerned, pleasant man for my surgeon. I would do it again!


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Recovering from Your Cervical Disk Replacement Surgery

Cervical Disc Damage TreatmentOnce the procedure is complete, you will be placed in a recovery area where your vitals will be carefully monitored to ensure that there are no issues following the procedure. Some pain and discomfort is to be expected and can be managed with medication. A brace will need to be worn during the initial part of your recovery to help provide support and stability. A comprehensive list of post-surgical instructions will be provided to help you through your recovery.

The Cost of Mobi-C Cervical Disk Replacement

The cost of your Mobi-C cervical disk replacement in Dallas will be discussed during your initial consultation with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin James he can answer any questions you may have and let you know about the payment options available to you.

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For more information about neck pain and treatments available for your cervical disc condition, contact ASODocs online or call our office in Southlake 817-310-8783 for an appointment. We are dedicated to providing our patients with effective treatments for their cervical disk damage in Dallas. 

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