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ACL Tear

Cyclist torn ACLThe anterior cruciate ligament, commonly referred to as ACL, is the major stabilizer ligament in the knee. This ligament helps prevent any unnatural movement in the knee joint. A torn ACL is a debilitating injury to the knee, because of its impact on your ability to keep the knee stabilized. Injuries range from a small tear to a complete separation from the bone. If you suspect you have a torn ACL, see our team as soon as you can. Our orthopedic knee specialist at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics is one of the foremost experts in torn ACL injuries.

Symptoms of ACL Knee Injury

Torn ACL injuries usually occur in some level of sports activities. Whether it’s from an impact injury, a quick change in direction, or landing from a jump, the knee is usually bent in an unnatural direction, which can cause the tear. Some commons symptoms of a torn ACL are:

  • A Popping Noise
  • Intense Knee Pain
  • Swelling of the Knee
  • Knee Instability
  • Difficulty Walking

If you have any of these symptoms, or you think you have torn your ACL, then call our offices in Southlake, TX, to schedule a proper examination with our orthopedic knee specialist.

Torn ACL Treatments in Southlake, TX

The team at Advanced Spine & Orthopedics integrates both non-surgical and surgical treatments for torn ACL injuries. While conservative methods are considered first, knee surgery may be recommended. If so, you can rest assured our orthopedic knee specialist will provide compassionate care in an excellent manner.

If you are experiencing knee pain, fill out our online contact form or you may prefer to contact our Southlake orthopedic surgery team at 817-310-8783.